Walking in Your Own Shoes by Robert A. Schuller

Walking in Your Own Shoes by Robert A. Schuller

WALKING IN YOUR OWN SHOES (Discover God’s Direction for your life) is written by Robert A. Schuller

Here is a Quote from the Book:

“God uses all the events of our journey to shape our identities, even the ‘wrong turns’ we thought were failures or mistakes.”

Now who is Robert A. Schuller?

Robert A. Schuller was born October 7, 1954, and succeeded his father, Dr. Robert H. Schuller, as the Senior Pastor of the Crystal Cathedral Ministries and its internationally televised Hour of Power program for nearly three years. He received a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California as well as an honorary doctorate degree from National Hispanic University in San Jose, California in 1996. He received another honorary doctorate from the California Graduate School of Theology in 2008. He is also the best-selling author of Possibility Living.

Now, let me share some Insights from this Book with you:

This book was published in 2007 and it is packaged in fifteen chapters, spread across 256 pages. As the son of the founding pastor of the Crystal Cathedral mega church in California and host of The Hour of Power television broadcast, Robert A Schuller grew up knowing that he would have big shoes to fill. Although he was inheriting the ministry reins, Schuller’s goal has been to do so in his own way, and in this book, he hopes to inspire the readers to fulfill their God-given potential and pursue their dreams walking in their own specific shoes.

Schuller also encourages readers that God is with them on their journey, no matter what their experience may look like –good or bad. He believes that bad things that happen will be a good part of God’s overall plan, and that God has a unique purpose for everyone. He stresses the fact that Christ died for the purpose of ensuring you succeed in your life journey.

Robert encourages the reader to perpetually hold the truth that God had a specific reason when he formed them to be individuals, unique creations that each fulfills a special purpose. He proposes that everything we are, have been, and will be is all part of a grand plan of God’s love. He believes everything helps to shape us into the person God wants us to be and where each of us find our inner satisfaction, joy, and meaning as each of us follows the roads that point to the destination. He identifies three of such roads as follows: the road of faith; the road of grace, and the road of love. He encourages that we must continue to explore these three virtues as we strive to get to our destiny.

However, he agrees with the fact that we run off course sometimes in an attempt to understand our God-ordained destiny; we find ourselves in some mess. When this happens, he suggested that we must not sit down there wallowing in it. We must arise like the prodigal son and find our way back to the father’s house. Robert in this book described the three roads we can take back to our father as the road of confession, the road of forgiveness, and the road of repentance.

He concludes this book with this striking statement and I quote “The ultimate goal of God for your life is to conform to the image of Jesus Christ and have you dwell with him for eternity (Rom 8:28-29).” He insisted that “Human life only make sense in the light of that goal.”

I invite you to begin an adventure in the journey of purpose today as you identify your own specific shoe by laying hold on this book and start reading it.

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