Godly Brains Discovery Academy

…Molding Lives, Making Global Impact

The Godly Brains Discovery Academy (GBDA), an arm of the Godly Brains Ministry, is a Christian leadership and Discipleship Institute with a global vision of helping young people discover their purpose; develop their leadership potentials being driven by biblical integrity.

The Godly Brains Ministry is a legally established Non-profit Christian Organization registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC). It oversees a network of ministries and agencies that provide for the recruitment, development, and training and release of purpose-driven, spiritually sound, character-based, and confident youths motivated by their conscious responsibility to maximize their inherent leadership potentials.

The Godly Brains is not a denomination but serves as a Christian growth and resource center, a charismatic teaching fellowship, and an international outreach center. It provides a regular weekly worship and training opportunity for people of all races and colors, thereby fulfilling the great commission mandate of our Lord.

Our vision is to develop and deploy a dynamic leadership curriculum based on the timeless principles of God’s word that will serve the purpose of equipping young leaders who will be without blemish but of good appearance, skillful in all wisdom, endowed with knowledge, understanding learning, and competent to make positive global impact after the order of biblical Daniel.

Our strategy is to teach, train, and develop practical leadership curriculum for discovering, understanding, and applying the precepts, keys, principles, values, morals, and standards of the kingdom of heaven on earth, producing leaders with a lifestyle reflecting Heaven’s culture as they make earthly impact.

The academy operates in two (2) levels of three (3) modules based on our three core values of purpose, leadership and integrity. Each of the modules focuses on different and relevant issues that are necessary for becoming a dynamic Christian leader. Every student is expected to complete all modules in each of the two levels before he/she can be qualified for graduation/impartation and subsequent award of a certificate from the Academy.









  • Understanding Eternal Life (BSM 101)
  • Understanding God’s Righteousness I&II (BSM 102)
  • Developing Relationship with God (BSM 103)
  • Understanding the Nature of God (BSM 104)
  • Understanding Repentance/Commitment (BSM 105)
  • Developing an Identity with Christ I&II (BSM 106)
  • Integrity of God’s Word (BSM 107)
  • The Power of a Spirit-Filled Life (BSM 108)
  • How to Receive the Holy Spirit (BSM 109)
  • The Benefits of Speaking in Tongues (BSM 110)


  • Overcoming Self-Centeredness (BCM 101)
  • How to Meditate on God’s Word (BCM 102)
  • Renewing the Mind (BCM 103)
  • Understanding the Authority of the Believer (BCM 104)
  • Understanding the Purpose of God’s Family (BCM 105)
  • Understanding the Concept of Deliverance (BCM 106)
  • Walking in the Spirit of Forgiveness (BCM 107)
  • Practicing God’s Kind of Love I&II (BCM 108)
  • Managing Finances I&II (BCM 109)
  • God’s Concept of Marriage I&II (BCM 110)


  • Understanding the Divine Flow (BCE 101)
  • How to Use your Gifts to Minister (BCE 102)
  • The Power of Godly Relationship (BCE 103)
  • Enduring Persecution (BCE 104)
  • The King and His Kingdom (BCE 105)
  • The Proper Use of God’s Law (BCE 106)
  • Living Under Grace (BCE 107)
  • The Fruit of Salvation I&II (BCE 108)
  • I Am Loved, I am Pretty (BCE 109)
  • A Call to Discipleship (BCE 110)

Recommended Text for Discipleship Foundation Class

  • Becoming Like Jesus by Gbile Akanni
  • Living in the Balance of Grace and Faith by Andrew Wommack
  • The New You and the Holy Spirit by Andrew Wommack
  • Why Tongues by Kenneth Hagin
  • The Midas Touch by Kenneth Hagin
  • Pleasing the Father by Gloria Copeland
  • The Force of Righteousness by Kenneth Copeland
  • The Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck
  • The Pilgrim Progress by John Bunyan
  • The Act of Marriage by Tim Lahaye
  • Good Morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn




  • The Leader and His Purpose – (PDM 101)
  • The Leader’s Purpose and Passion – (PDM 102)
  • The Leader’s Purpose and Consecration – (PDM 103)
  • The Leader’s Purpose and Team Work – (PDM 104)
  • The Leader’s Purpose and Global Harvest – (PDM 105)
  • The Leader’s Purpose and Mentorship – (PDM 106)
  • The Leader and His S-H-A-P-E – (PDM 107)
  • The Leader and Divine Direction – (PDM 108)
  • The Leader and His Zone of God’s Anointing – (PDM 109)


Recommended Text for PDM

  1. The Assignment by Mike Murdock
  2. Success is Who You Are by Sam Adeyemi
  3. In Pursuit of Purpose by Myles Munroe
  4. Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
  5. Your Road Map For Success by John Maxwell
  6. Principles and Power of Vision by Myles Munroe
  7. Understanding Divine Direction by David Oyedepo
  8. Walking in Your Own Shoe by Robert A. Schuller
  9. Take Hold of your Dream by Jentezen Franklin
  10. Make today Count by John Maxwell



  • Understanding Your Leadership Pointers – (LDM 101)
  • The Leader and His Reading Habits – (LDM 102)
  • The Leader and His Writing Skill – (LDM 103)
  • The Leader in the Digital World – (LDM 104)
  • The Leader and the Corporate World – (LDM 105)
  • The Leader and The Business World – (LDM 106)
  • The Leader and Politics – (LDM 107)
  • The Leader and System Development – (LDM 108)
  • The Leader and the Media – (LDM 109)
  • The Leader and Finance – (LDM 110)

Recommended Text for LDM

  1. Spiritual Leadership by Henry Blackaby
  2. 360 Degree Leadership by John Maxwell
  3. Experiencing LeaderShift by Don Cousins
  4. ChurchShift By Sunday Adelaja
  5. The Conviction to Lead by Albert Mholar
  6. Leadership Secrets of Paul by Jef Caliguire
  7. Rules of Work by Richard Templar
  8. Money Won’t Make You Rich by Sunday Adelaja
  9. Who Moved my Cheese by Johnson Spencer
  10. On Managing People by Daniel Goleman
  11. First Things First by Steve Covey


  • The leader and New Creation Fundamentals – (CFM 101)
  • The Leader and The Holy Spirit – (CFM 102)
  • The leader and Hearing the Voice of God – (CFM 103)
  • The Leader and Effective Bible Study – ( CFM 104)
  • The Leader and His Habits – (CFM 105)
  • The Leader and Interpersonal Relationship – (CFM 106)
  • The Leader and Time Management – (CFM 107)
  • The Leader and His Time Alone with God – (CFM 108)
  • The Leader and His Health – (CFM 109)

Recommended Text for CFM

  1. You can Hear the Voice of God by Steve Sampson
  2. How to Hear God’s Voice by Joyce Meyer
  3. New Creation Realities by E.W. Kenyon
  4. The Radical Cross by A.W Tozer
  5. The Man God Uses by Osward Smith
  6. The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee
  7. The Purpose and Power of Prayer by Myles Munroe
  8. Halleluyah Diet by George Makmus
  9. Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy
  10. Why Christian Get Sick by George Makmus
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