Breaking Life’s Limits Through The Power of Prayer – Part III

Breaking Life’s Limits Through The Power of Prayer – Part III

(A Case Study of JABEZ) – I  Chronicles 4:9, 10

Prayer is one of the most misunderstood arts of human experience- yet it is meant to be one of the most exciting aspects of a life of faith. Prayer is pivot to an effective and fruitful life. Jesus and the early disciples understood the place and priority of prayer and they practiced the art of prayer as they undertook God’s work on earth. Although Jesus carried divine power while he was here on earth, he learned how to trust and depend on God through prayer for daily strength and provisions to carry out his ministries. The first set of disciples also followed this pattern; they understood how not to major on minor. Instead of concentrating on the administrative work of serving tables, they rather separated themselves unto prayer and delegated that aspect of the work to others. Even in delivering effective sermon, Paul learnt he had to depend on God for divine utterance. All these underscore the fact that to live an outstanding here on earth, prayer becomes crucial. In the last two weeks, we have been examining the life of Jabez and the tremendous change he had as a result of engaging the force of prayer. Today, we will consider the third prayer he prayed.


JABEZ No. 3 Prayer

“Oh, that your hand would be with me!”

The fact is God desires to stretch the limits of your influence and opportunities. But when your boarder is so enlarged you still need God to help you sustain that God-sized blessing. As God’s chosen, blessed sons and daughters, we are expected to attempt something large enough that failure is guaranteed…unless God steps in. Dependence upon God makes heroes of ordinary people like Jabez and you and me. How? We’re forced to cry out with Jabez’s third desperate plea: “Oh, that your hand would be with me!”

If seeking God’s blessings is our ultimate act of worship, and asking to do more for Him is our utmost ambition, then asking for God’s hand upon us is our strategic choice to sustain and continue the great things that God has begun in our lives.

What exactly was Jabez expecting when he made a demand for God’s hands to be with him?

  • He wanted God’s presence and power in his life. “The hand of the Lord” is a biblical term for God’s power and presence in the lives of His people.
  • He was asking for a continuous breakthrough that could only be explained as coming from the hand of the Lord.
  • To us in this era, it could mean a continuous filling and an outflow of the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • It could also mean a cry for God to make Himself great perpetually on your behalf and He’s always ready to do just that (2 Chronicles 16:9).

Will you express your loyalty to God at this time that you desperately need His hands on your life? He eagerly seeks those who are sincerely loyal to Him. Your loyal heart is the only part of His expansion plan that He will not provide.

You and I are always only one plea away from inexplicable, Spirit-enable exploits. By His touch you can experience supernatural enthusiasm, boldness, and power. It’s up to you!


Note: Part of this work is adapted from “The Prayer of Jabez” by Bruce Wilkerson.

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