Breaking Life’s Limits Through The Power of Prayer – Part II

Breaking Life’s Limits Through The Power of Prayer – Part II

A Case Study of JABEZ – I  Chronicles 4:9, 10.

The story of Jabez is about what happens when ordinary Christians decide to reach for an extraordinary life-which, as it turns out, is exactly the kind God promises. Somebody once said there is really little difference between people-but that little difference makes a great deal of difference.

Jabez doesn’t stand astride the Old Testament like Moses or a David or light up the book of Acts like those early Christians who turned the world upside down. But one thing is sure: the little difference in his life made all the difference. You could think of him as the Prodigy of the Genealogy, or maybe the Bible’s Little Big Man. You’ll find him hiding in the least-read section of one of the least-read books of the Bible.

What was the secret to the enduring reputation of Jabez? You can search from front to back in your Bible and you won’t find any more information than we have in those two verses. Clearly, the outcome can be traced to his prayer. The four-point prayer request of this man may at first glance strike you as sincere, sensible, even noble, but not terribly remarkable. Yet just under the surface of each lies a giant paradigm breaker that runs exactly opposite to the way you and I usually think.

I believe as you sincerely make your outcry to God applying this earth breaking prayer principles of Jabez in this month, something extra-ordinary will definitely take place in your life.


JABEZ Prayer No. 2

“Oh, that You would enlarge my territory(Coast or border)!”

Do you have a dream of living large for God? Then this is the appropriate prayer for you to offer to God. It worked for Jabez! The word territory speaks of a place of one’s own with plenty of room to grow. He felt he was born for more than he was getting at the moment. So, when Jabez was asking for an enlargement of territory what was he asking for and what is the relevance of this to you?

  • He wanted more influence, more responsibility, and more opportunity to make a mark for the God of Israel.
  • If he were to be a business folk, that prayer would have sounded like, “Lord, increase the value of my investment portfolios.
  • Suppose Jabez had been a wife and a mother. Then the prayer might have gone: “Lord, add to my family, favour my key relationships, multiply for your glory the influence of my household.”
  • Suppose he had been a student. Then the prayer would have taken this turn: “Lord, expand my mental ability so that I can touch the world with excellence.”

No matter what your vocation, the highest form of Jabez’s prayer for more territory might sound something like:

O God and king please expand my opportunities and my impact in such a way that I touch more lives for your glory. Let me do more for you!


Note: This work is adapted from “The Prayer of Jabez” by Bruce Wilkerson.

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