Activating the Flourishing Power of the Word of God – Psalm 1:1-6

Activating the Flourishing Power of the Word of God – Psalm 1:1-6

“…my words that I have put in your mouth will not depart from your mouth or from the mouth of your children, or from the mouth of their descendants from this time on and forever.” Isaiah 59:21b

We have been looking at the flourishing power of God’s word since the beginning of the month. God gave us (His children) His word as a divine manual to maximize our existence on earth; as spiritual GPS to navigate our way through this dark and wicked world; and as spiritual manna to give us strength and stability all through our life’s’ journey.

God is committed to His word; ours is to take responsibility by aligning ourselves to the “terms and conditions” attached to experiencing the flourishing power of God’s word. Among them are: (i) not taking the counsel of the ungodly (ii) not associating with the ungodly (iii) not pitching tent with the mockers (v)being committed to reading and meditation on God’s word.

The storage of God’s word in the heart, through meditations, transforms believers’ words into God’s word, thereby putting him/her in command. The heart must first be captured by God’s word before the mouth can be controlled by it. (Matthew 12:34, Ps. 19.14; compare Dan. 10:12 and Mal. 2:17).  Hiding God’s word in the heart with a corresponding release of the same is an effective mean of activating the flourishing power of God’s word. Second to this is the praise of God and of his word.

Sometimes believers encounter situations that attempt to negate the efficacy of God’s word (Daniel 6:1, Act 16:19-24). At such times, the weapons of the praise of God and of His word and voicing out the word in faith will disperse all doubts and fear, and in turn, enforce God’s will over the situation. (Ps. 56:10-11, 106:12, 149:6). Believers must develop a lifestyle of confessing God’s word and praise at all times to make God’s word prosper and flourish in all life’s experiences.

The Effects of spoken words and praise

Spoken words:

  • are seeds that yields corresponding fruits Num. 23
  • have creative power (Gen 1)
  • carry authority (where the word of a king is, there is power)


  • Affirms believers’ trust and confidence in God (11: 32b)
  • Dispels doubts, fears and depression (with joy, we shall draw water from the wells of salvation)
  • Positions believers for divine intervention (Act: 16: 25)


The key to develop ability to declare God’s word and to praise is Knowing God. That is His person and power. (Dan.11: 32b, Num 23:19, Isaiah 40:18, 28-29). Take the battle to the gate of the enemy through word confession and praise. Be prepared as an attacker rather than a defender by cultivating a lifestyle of confessing God’s word into your life and situations and praising God always.

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