About the Godly Brains Ministry

The Godly Brains Ministry is a legally established Non-profit Christian Organization registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC). It oversees a network of ministries and agencies that provide for the recruitment, training, development, and release of purpose-driven, spiritually sound, character-based, and confident youths who are motivated by their conscious responsibility to maximize their inherent leadership potentials. The Godly Brains Ministry is not a denomination but serves as a Christian growth and resource center, a charismatic teaching fellowship, and an international outreach center. It provides a regular weekly worship and training opportunity for people of all races and colors, thereby fulfilling the great commission mandate of our Lord.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help young people to discover their PURPOSE, develop their LEADERSHIP potentials, and be driven by biblical INTEGRITY. The implication of the above statement is that the first priority of any man should be to discover the reason why God created him to be on earth. It is upon this discovery that his leadership ability will become obvious. And of course, every enduring leadership must be built on solid foundation of untainted character.

Our Mission

To be an international organization with a global mandate to teach, train, and develop practical programs for discovering, understanding and applying the precepts, keys, principles, values, morals, and standards of the kingdom of heaven on earth, producing a community with a lifestyle, reflecting Heaven’s culture.

Our end result is to produce young people who will be without blemish but of good appearance and skillful in all wisdom, endowed with knowledge, understanding learning, and competent to stand in any circumstances of life without faltering, after the order of the biblical Daniel.

Our Core Values

All the activities of the Godly Brains will revolve around the three core values of:
  • Purpose
  • Leadership
  • Potential

Our Slogan

Molding lives, Making Global Impact

Meet Our Leaders

The Godly Brains Ministry exists to help you to navigate through life by providing you focus on the core values that could positively transform your life, home, community, nation, and the world — purpose discovery, leadership potential development, and a life based on Biblical integrity.
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