40 Days of Great Start – The Purpose Driven Life

40 Days of Great start commences here at the centre beginning from January 1 through Feb 9. Pls get a copy of Purpose Driven Life and follow us in the reading. Find details here.

January Reading: The Four Gospels

We are reading the 4 gospels again in January 2019. The outline to follow is on various WhatsApp groups.

Watch Night Service

Watch Night Service to cross over to the year 2019 holds at the Discovery Centre on December 31st. Time: 8:00pm Location 2nd Floor, Left Wing, 78/80 Oyo Road, Beside ELIM Plaza, Opposite UI 2nd Gate, Ibadan

Discovery Hour

We meet every Thursday for Discovery Hour by 5 – 6pm at the Discovery Center, Opposite UI 2nd gate.