40 DAYS OF GREAT START – The Purpose Driven Life

40 DAYS OF GREAT START – The Purpose Driven Life

Why you must read THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE by Rick Warren in 2018

In a world that is filled with hustling and bustling, harsh economic conditions, joblessness, ravaging diseases, acts of terror, threatening climate and a host of other woes, one can begin to panic and lose the confidence for living. The current challenges in individual lives, families, communities, countries and the world at large can be quite overwhelming and intimidating.

Several people are already living in fear and panic; some are committing suicide while some others are engaging in illicit activities like hard drugs, alcoholism, prostitution and other kinds of social vices in an attempt to fill the voids created by the hopelessness in the world.

In this trying time of human life when there are so many dilemmas, a book like The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren provides answers to some of the many questions of the human heart as far as meaning, purpose and the human existence are concerned.

The book takes life from God’s original creational perspective, provides insight on why you are on earth and what he expects you to do. It also answers questions on how you can discover who God has made you to be and what he has made you to do. The Purpose Driven Life is not an end itself in answering these questions, but it’s a great place to rediscover life’s meaning and purpose so that you can begin to set your heart on the things that matter in life. The book has sold over 60 million copies and it’s still on demand in several bookstores. It has changed several lives and still doing same.

The Godly Brains, an Ibadan, Nigeria based Christian ministry whose operational mission is to help young people discover their life’s purpose, develop their leadership potentials and live a life deepened on Biblical integrity is connecting people, especially students in campuses and youths in the city of Ibadan to jointly read The Purpose Driven Life together for the first 40 days (January 1- February 9) in the year 2018. The programme is tagged 40 DAYS OF GREAT START.

The PROJECT is a flagship of the Godly Brains which seeks to connect students and young people in secondary schools and higher institutions in Ibadan to read The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren for the first 40 days in 2018. Such students will meet regularly at their different campuses to discuss the insights gained from the book during the 40 days. Non-students can also participate in the project.

It doesn’t really matter if you have read the book before; you can always refresh your mind on God’s plans for mankind and his specific purpose for you as an individual. By reading the book again, you’ll not only be refreshed in the year 2018, you’ll also get to discover that despite the multifaceted challenges in the world today, life is really worth living!

To enlist, make your intention known and get connected through the Godly Brains website ( You can also call 08033101332 or send email to,

You can get a copy of the book at the GODLY BRAINS RESOURCE CENTRE, besides IPMAN Building, Odo-Ona Apata or at THE GODLY BRAINS INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN CENTER (Discovery Center), opposite UI 2nd gate in Ibadan to start preparing prayerfully for the 40-day journey in 2018.

For those in Ibadan, there will be PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE DISCUSSIONS based on the book at the GODLY BRAINS INT’L CHRISTIAN CENTER in all the six (6) Thursdays and 5 Sundays within the period by 5pm and 8am respectively at our UI Center

You are invited to come along!


Gideon O.O. Akanbi

President/International Director

For the Godly Brains Team

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  1. Gideon Akanbi January 2, 2018 | Reply
    Purpose Driven Life is a great book to start the year. It Helps you to recapture the essence of living and how to live out your purpose on this side of eternity.
  2. Amos Oluwole Taiwo January 3, 2018 | Reply
    Purpose Driven Life is a great book that has brought about a genuine transform to million of people globally. I believe it is a book worth studying again and again.
  3. Lydia Oluwatosin January 3, 2018 | Reply
    Purpose Driven life is a great book that I love you read again and again. I will love to be part of that discussion if you can create an online group chat like WhatsApp for us at a long distance in Kogi state.

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